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Our BrandStorm discovery Sessions 

Brand building is challenging. We meet lots of business owners and leaders who know things are not as they should be.  Teams are pulling in different directions, they are starting to loose their competitive edge to new competitors entering the market and despite their marketing efforts, they struggle to attract the right clients that they know can propel the business forward and accelerate their growth. 

Before delving into logos and fancy colours and those glossy veneers for your brand, every great brand is built from solid brand foundations and strategy.

Our Brand Discovery sessions prepare your brand for future storms by delving beneath the surface of your business to not just find out who your are and what you do but to discover that unique essence that has the power to align your prospects, customers and staff to your purpose and vision to build an inspirational and purpose driven brand. 

Are you ready to make a real impact on your business and the world around you?

5 key areas covered in our brand discovery sessions

Vision, Mission and Purpose

This gives your brand focus and that North star guidance. We help you craft these key brand statements to align, employees, stakeholders and customers to your brand. We can also help with taglines and other key brand messaging that are aligned to these foundations. 

Target Audience

If your brand is acceptable to everyone it wont be interesting to anyone. We drill down on the audiences that you ideally want to work with and show you the key ways you can start attracting them through your branding and marketing efforts.

Competitor and market analysis 

You can't gain a competitive advantage if you dont know who you are competing against or where you are competing in the marketplace. We help you gain that competitive advantage by analysing your competors strengths and weaknesses so you can own your unique position in the market. 


USP and positioning

What is your secret sauce? that 1 thing that cannot be replicated by anyone else and that becomes your key differentiator we'll help you discover this to position you as the goto choice for your ideal audience.

Brand Personality and archetypes

Brands need to connect with their audience in a deep and meaningful way in order to build authenticity, loyalty and trust. We use brand archetypes that provide a framework based on human psychology to help your company build a valuable relationship with your audiences. .

Discovery Session Options


Monthly plan
(3 month term)

Take each step at a time and work on the 5 key areas over 3 monthly 2 hour sessions

Receive overview report and key takeaways from each session.


per month


Upfront cost

(best value)

Intensive workshop sessions spanning each of the 5 key brand foundation areas. 

Workshops and full reports conducted within 30 days.


“BrandStorm gave us a deeper understanding of who we are as a brand. The discovery workshops with Rob were particularly valuable as they gave us so much clarity on what really mattered beyond our technical abilities. We realised this is why previous (and costly) attempts to rebrand had failed as had tried to refresh our look but had not strategically implemented the entire rebrand from the ground up.”

K. Goodall - OverBright

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The companies we work with, particularly those in the technology sectors, typically experience good growth in a relatively short space of time.

They are living in the day to day,  teams grow in all directions and they often loose sight of their why and that passion they originally had for their business.

Customers will smell this a mile off and will quickly move onto the next, more exciting brand next door if things continue.

You will find that the answers are often simple but have been buried in the day to day and have neglected the why - why do we do what we do and more importantly why does it matter?

Why book a BrandStorm workshop?

  • Take all the guesswork out of building a successful brand strategy with a certified brand specialist

  • Build a step by step roadmap for your brand that is easy to follow

  • Get everyone pulling in the same direction 

  • Learn how to connect with your audiences on a deeper meaningful level

  • It will show you how to own your position in a crowded market place.

  • Define your 'onlyness' and unique proposition

  • Learn how to tell your unique brand story

  • Learn how to build a consistent brand that will build awareness, trust, loyalty and advocacy

  • Become a truly purpose led brand

  • PLUS: Get examples of how the biggest brands around are using these same steps.

"Branding often appears to be a bit of a dark art, but fundamentally it just means trying to present your business in a way that is representative of your values and purpose.


We very much valued the collaborative and responsive BrandStorming sessions that brought so much clarity around this.


BrandStorm understood our needs and the results so far are reflective of this. Tandem now feels much better placed for the future to present a forward-looking business that is more flexible and adaptable"


A. Anderson - Tandem Audio

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