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Brand Packages

Our brand packages are designed to offer some of our key services for businesses looking to accelerate their growth by building solid brand foundations, and become a truly purpose led brand.


£1000 investment

Who is this for?




Start up businesses 

Why purchase

Set off in the right direction and remove the guesswork on where to start when building a purposeful brand and identity. 

Whats included




Brand discovery questionnaire




BrandStorms logo design service




Basic brand identity



4 BrandStorm Design Credits


£579 per month investment*

Who is this  for?





Ambitious start ups
and SMEs 

Why purchase


Build solid brand foundations built around your core purpose and a consistent brand image designed to take the business to the next level 

Whats included




1x Brand Discovery Session (half day)




BrandStorms logo design & identity package




Basic Brand guidelines document




10 BrandStorm Design Credits

*Minimum 6 month commitment


£4995 investment

Who is this  for?





Small team businesses looking to scale, backed by a solid brand strategy

Why purchase


Realign your brand strategically to your unique vision, purpose and values to attract your target ideal clients and market to create a market leading brand. 

Whats included




1x Brand Discovery Workshop with you and key team (full day)




Brand tagline exercise





BrandStorms logo design & identity package




Standard Brand guidelines document




15 BrandStorm Design Credits


£1650 per month investment*

Who is this  for?





Expanding companies that have disparate and conflicting requirements  within an organisation and need a coherent and powerful brand message.

Why purchase


This is what BrandStorm is truly about. We align your brand inwards to unite teams to the brands core purpose and align your brand outwards to existing or new audiences or markets

Whats included




Series of discovery workshops including story and culture sessions with you and your team(s)




BrandStorms logo design & identity package for the core brand


Develop any sub brands and identities



Comprehensive Brand guidelines document and playbook




30 BrandStorm Design Credits

*Minimum 6 month commitment

Are you looking to take the world by storm?

If you are a businesses looking to take the UK or the world by storm and set on reaching new or emerging markets we can put a bespoke high level package together for tender work.

We can help you build your brand strategically both internally to build a strong brand culture and externally to attract the right customers, stakeholders and investors

"The clear process and strategy outlined and actioned over the past 6 months or so has had a massive impact on everyone in the company and their motivation and productivity than ever before as everyone is committed to achieving the common goal and vision. The brand now clearly reflects who we are and our mission "

Kevin G - OverBright

"The Brand package offered by Brandstorm was ideal and a perfect investment for my start up business allowing me to build a strong brand with continuity over a 6 month period."

Holly W - Hogmoor Homes

Brand Packages FAQs

How much time will it take to launch my brand

How do I know I am ready for one of these packages?

If I am not ready to go all in with a package, where should I start?

What results or ROI can I expect from investing in my brand?

Do you offer payment plans on the fixed price packages?

Will I need a new website as part of the branding work?

What do the design credits give me?

Package enquiry


Select one of our packages you are interested in and we will contact you to discuss the next steps

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