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 BrandStorm Workshops

Next event:
1st February 2023

Big brand thinking for your small business

About our branding workshops

BrandStorming is our way of finding out who you are, what your business does and who you really want to attract and work with.

We take small business owners through the foundations that every great brand is built on, brands that put purpose before profit, brands that make a real impact on the world around them

Join Rob and other like-minded business owners for a half day packed with great value and plenty of inspiration.

Are you ready to make a real impact on the world?

1st February 2023

BOSC Sports Pavillion

1 Bolley Avenue, Bordon, England,

GU35 9HQ


"This approach to building our business brand which attracts clients again and again is so inspiring and actionable.


I would recommend this workshop for anyone thinking of building their brand. Lots of inspiration, interaction and expert guidance made for a very worthwhile morning"


K. Ledger - Copy That Sells

Why attend this event?

  • Take all the guesswork out of creating a successful brand strategy

  • Learn why it is now more important than ever to build a brand that leads with purpose 

  • Discover (or re-discover) your companies purpose, mission and vision

  • Define your target audience and their pain points

  • Learn how to conduct a competitor analysis to keep you one step ahead

  • Identify where you sit in your market place and how you can own your space

  • Learn how to use archetypes to craft your unique brand story

  • PLUS: Get examples of how the biggest brands around are using these same principles.

Who are these
workshops for?

  • Start ups or SMEs - Branding is a huge subject and knowing where to start can be confusing. Getting your brand developed from the start with actionable steps means that you start to grow your business with real purpose and saves alot of time and effort down the line

  • Entrepreneurial business owners that are looking to take their business to the next level and build a brand-driven organisation.

  • Businesses looking to pivot or change direction post Covid-19. One thing we have learnt from the pandemic is that having a strong brand helps weather these storms and future proof your business.

  • Businesses struggling to take things to the next level or struggling to attract more of the high paying clients and less of the time wasting low paying clients. The difference between a £1 cup of coffee and a £4 cup of coffee is not the quality of the coffee, its the brand and experience you get when you order a £4 coffee.

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