A brand agency that guides you through the storm and delivers brands with purpose

Your brand is defined by a customers overall perception of your business.


Branding is the process of shaping that perception and creating meaningful and memorable experiences

​We guide you through this branding  process to uncover or rediscover your true brand values and provide you with our proven brand strategy to communicate a clear, cohesive and consistent brand  that resonates with your ideal customers⁠.

No matter what stage your business is in, building a brand defines you within your market, keeps you ahead of your competitors and will sustainably grow your business. Whether you are an ambitious startup or an established business ready to take your business to new heights, we have the skills and experience to help.

Our Brand Strategy


Our proven step by step brand strategy distinguishes us from other brand agencies in and around Hampshire and is broken down into 3 parts:

Brand Discovery

Here we hold discovery sessions with you and BrandStorm and uncover what your business is all about. We'll help you define your brands story by identifying or re-discovering:

  • Your ideal clients 

  • Your competitors

  • Your mission and vision

  • Your brands USP

  • your brand personality.


Design Your Identity

This is where your brand comes to life. We design your brands identity based on our deeper understanding of your business and design your marketing material with a consistent brand look, tone of voice and clear messaging. This includes:


  • Your unique logo 

  • Your brand identity ie colours and fonts and image styles

  • Branded content across all client touch points ie online, offline and office or retail environment.


Deliver your brand

In the final stages we ensure you tell your brand story consistently across all your customer touch points. 

This includes

  • Producing your brand play book or guidelines document

  • Helping you launch and roll out your brand successfully

  • Ensuring your brand is understood, followed and endorsed by every member of your team and workforce to help build a long term brand culture.

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Download our definitive guide to building a winning brand


See how to implement our brand strategy and build a winning brand for your business.


Our BrandStorm Workshops


Our branding workshops not only guide you through the fundamentals and actionable steps to building your brand but also gives insights into how big brands are using these same steps effectively.

Join us on either a 1-2-1 workshop with you and your key team or join one of our regular group sessions that deliver inspiration and great value.

A brand agency with delighted clients across Hampshire, Surrey and London


"Everyone at BrandStorm has an incredible eye for detail, they produce concept driven work which blew me away when I first looked at their portfolio.

Rob is very personable and was a joy to work with - They come highly recommended."

Richard Woods - WP Aid