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Re-brand for local Accountancy Firm

MA Accountancy Group needed a rebrand to realign the brand to a new target audience. See how we helped them do this as well as improve the brand culture aligned to their shared values. 

MA Accountancy Group (formerly Mad About Bookkeeping)  are a bookkeeping and accountancy practice in Bordon, Hampshire. 

Their previous name tied them to their core service that the business was originally built around but as business grew over the past 10+ years, so to had their service offering.


They had the task of being able to retain their existing client base that were used to their fun and friendly approach to quality bookkeeping at great value, whilst also appealing to larger businesses with more 'grown up' accounting and payroll needs.

The business was full of personality from how they presented themselves to the way leaders Nicky and Michelle approached business. It was a big part of their DNA and although they knew they had to come across a bit more serious in order to attract new audiences they did not want to lose their identity. 


We helped them identify 3 key target audiences and set about how we bring this personality to these 3 audiences and sectors.  and had  the  are a full service Marketing agency in Hampshire and successfully deliver award winning campaigns for predominantly consumer based local SME companies. However they realised there was an opportunity  to bring their offering to new target audience but were unsure if their current branding would appeal to them well enough to be taken seriously.


Their fun and informal look and approach had worked to date to attract these SME clients but they had a new focus on attracting bigger B2B companies and were worried that they may not be taken seriously enough despite having proven past experience in this sector.


They had identified their 2 sets of client avatars for us to focus on and we went through a couple of Brand Discovery sessions that included brand and market positioning, competitor analysis and looked at areas of their current brand that was working well and areas that needed attention.

We then helped them redesign some of their identity including:

  • Logo design update - subtle tweaks to simplify overall and streamline it's uses.

  • Colour palettes - refresh current colour palette and introduce new sets for use on both avatars.

  • Typography - updated brand typefaces to new modern typefaces

  • Brand imagery - created a mood board to show specific images styles that would best compliment the brand

  • Graphic devices. - Designed additional graphical elements that would enhance the overall brand image.

All of this was then delivered in a concise set of brand guidelines that clearly showed how all of these elements should come together and be used so that they could roll out the new brand consistently across all their marketing.

Further work included providing rebranded templates for core documents such as case studies and other literature as well as updating their website to align it to the new brand guidelines.




"Since working with Rob we all now have the confidence as a company to approach our new target market with our offering and be taken more seriously. How you express and portray yourself visually is critically important and not a job to be left to chance. 


If you want people to see you as you want to be seen, you need to ensure a professional strategic approach that is consistent in all cases. BrandStorm can definitely help you to achieve all that."

Deborah Kingsley

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