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Welcome to BrandStorm

A creative brand agency with the power to disrupt

Is your brand holding you back from greatness?

Our objective is simple:

To differentiate you from the masses, design memorable experiences and position your brand as the leading light with the power to disrupt and own your space in a crowded market.


Design is at the heart of what we do


As a creative agency we know how to design a winning brand identity that visually communicates who you are to your target audience but our design thinking goes beyond visual assets.


We can help you plan and map your customer journey and how they interact with your brand at every touch point to design consistent meaningful experiences.


Restoring a Classic


We helped Sammy Denyer, a renowned name in classic car restoration, build on his already established personal brand to deliver a company brand to help him attract his ideal clients - world renowned auction houses and private collections.

Creating a tech brand for OverBright


 We helped OverBright showcase their original values and become a brand renowned for innovation, creativity and service excellence, whilst also focusing on their people and building a thriving brand culture.


Building a world leading brand


Jankel Armouring Ltd rely on BrandStorm to help build and evolve into world leading brand that matches their industry leading capabilities and forward thinking approach.

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A brand agency with delighted clients across Hampshire, Surrey and London


"Everyone at BrandStorm has an incredible eye for detail, they produce concept driven work which blew me away when I first looked at their portfolio.

Rob is very personable and was a joy to work with - They come highly recommended."

Richard Woods - WP Aid