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About Us

Who we are and what we are about.

Rob Fryer


Rob is the Founder and Owner of BrandStorm.  With over 15 years experience in working with brands large and small, he is passionate about educating business owners to think of their business as a brand and the power of influence that comes with it. 

He draws from his experience working with well known brands and entrepreneurial business owners particularly those in the tech sectors and now uses his proven 10 step process to help build winning brands for companies large and small.

He speaks at events on all things branding so look out for local business events in and around Surrey and Hampshire or if your interested in booking Rob for your event then simply get in touch.

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Certified Brand Specialist


At the beginning of 2020 Rob took the opportunity to join an elite group of brand specialists, marketers and business leaders and enrol in the prestigious Level C program. Level C is run by none other than Marty Neumeier who has changed the way brand has brought business forward and author of a series of books on the subjects of all things brand including the top selling book The Brand Gap.


Now Certified as a Level C Brand Specialist, Rob has a deeper understanding of the importance of how brand and brand strategy must be ingrained into the DNA of any overall business strategy.


Rob will change the way you think of your business by implementing what he has learnt.

Leading with purpose


Our purpose or goal at BrandStorm is to inspire and educate business owners and leaders to build brands that lead with purpose so we can build a community of businesses that put purpose before profit.

We therefore must practice what we preach and we continually strive to tread as lightly as we can with our carbon footprint by offsetting and reducing our consumption and working within our local  communities and groups. 

Find out more about the steps we are taking.

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More than just a one man brand


At BrandStorm we can't build winning brands for our clients without a bit of help.

One of our core values is to support and promote our local community and there is a wealth of top creative talent right on our doorstep for us to tap into. Rob has handpicked professionals to collaborate with that share our values and ethos to ensure that we don't just supply a service but genuinely help and support clients and become a valuable extension of their team.


At every stage we have a shared mission:

To discover the unique essence that inspires and differentiate businesses so that they become purpose driven leading brands.


With the help of these collaborators we are able to offer a complete range of services to help build your brand and grow your business. These include inbound marketing, brand stories, video production, content creation, web development & SEO and even printing.

Our clients recommend us based on their trust in us to provide  a professional and comprehensive creative branding service.

See why our clients recommend us:


"Everyone at BrandStorm has an incredible eye for detail, they produce concept driven work which blew me away when I first looked at their portfolio.

Rob is very personable and was a joy to work with - They come highly recommended."

Richard Woods - WP Aid