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Why Jankel rely on a brand agency like BrandStorm

We helped turn this world leader in armoured vehicle and blast protection systems into a leading forward thinking brand, recognised the world over.


Jankel have a long standing professional relationship with BrandStorm spanning 7 years. Over these years we have helped streamline their brand from initial brand strategy and comprehensive brand guidelines to ongoing creative output, consistently designing key online, print and physical marketing communications.


In 2020 Jankel decided it was time for an overhaul of the brand and we were once again enlisted to discover exactly what Jankel represents today and to build a modern and up to date evolution of the brand to communicate this.

A Q&A with Chairman Andrew Jankel on the recent rebrand

What was not working for the business with the previous identity and what was the desired outcome or objective for the rebrand?

"We last looked at the branding back in 2014, so it was a little dated. Electronic media has moved on at a pace and we wanted to ensure our logo and branding worked in this environment.
Our old logo tied us into our past more than projected a forward vision. We wanted an evolution rebrand that would be forward thinking and see us as once again market leaders in our industry. We are proud of our heritage and the new identity needed to be sympathetic to this whilst giving us a modern look."

How did you find the overall process?

"The process was simple, quick and effective. It was very collaborative and focused which was excellent – in the past the early part of the process has been a little gratuitous, but I didn’t feel anytime was wasted in getting to a meaningful discussion on the output."

Has the rebrand changed how you feel about your business, and how you now communicate or promote it to others.

"The rebrand has helped us feel confident about our expansion into more advanced technologies where we have been historically known for more traditional products.

I have been surprised at how much positive feedback we received with the rebranding launch, particularly on Linkedin. It's made me realise that our brand and how we project ourselves has a far greater relevance than I had thought."

Rebranding an established business like Jankel requires trust and investment of time as well as financial. What would you say to others like you that want to grow their business and their brand but unsure of getting it right?

"I feel that the process with Rob and BrandStorm was cost effective and timely, he listened well and quickly got to grips with the subtleties of our expanding customer base.
Working with Rob was highly valuable and found him highly capable. I would recommend him and BrandStorm to others looking to rebrand and grow".

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