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Creating a sub brand for JLR Motest

Motest UK saw a gap in the market for local Jaguar and Land Rover owners in Farnham. This sub-brand helped Motest bring high quality dealership level servicing on their doorstep.

We have worked with Motest UK for many years and they came to us with this new proposition to create a sub brand that will attract the Jaguar and Land Rover owners of Farnham and surrounding areas.

The branding had to be inline with that of Jaguar and Land Rover but had to make sure we were not just ripping off these 2 brands.

The simple logo that incorporated elements of the main Motest brand was designed. The dark, British racing green colour scheme gave it that stylish look and identity, 


We also helped them with their marketing with targeted ads, leaflets and new website and social media campaigns. 


We came up with quirky ways to market this brand so that we did not replicate the serious and sometimes stuffy image of the main brands.

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