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Rethinking the conventional within cyber security.

Good branding is all about differentiating yourself from the competition and that's exactly what JUMPSEC were trying to achieve with their recent rebrand.

The problem


JUMPSEC are an established company in the cyber security space. They pride themselves on being highly innovative, investing in new technologies or solutions to problems and challenges but most importantly - always challenging the conventional.

Various marketing activities since company started in 2012 and during it’s rapid growth has resulted in a slightly disjointed look, feel and tone of voice across the company. This has left the overall brand image looking a bit dated and in need of a refreshed look at the brand and the way it communicates both visually and in its content marketing.

They approached BrandStorm to not only evolve and modernise the current brand but help them repositioning JUMPSEC as an industry leader in cyber security.

"We needed to update the JUMPSEC brand image to reflect our company vision and reposition the company as a disruptor in the cyber security industry. We scoped a few agencies and the quality of brand identity work at BrandStorm stood out. We were specifically looking for a local agency with whom we can build a relationship so they gain an understanding of our business. I felt BrandStorm delivered on this and translated our vision perfectly."

Donna Stobart-Hook - Marketing Director


Our approach

From the initial consultation meeting with key members at JUMPSEC, their core values became clear and how they always challenge traditional ideas and solutions within the cyber security sector. We love working with these types of companies who dare to be different in a bid to disrupt their competitive landscape.

We helped them develop their core message and USP into a single statement - "Rethinking the Conventional, Pushing the Boundaries". We then focused every area of the brand and re-designed the identity around this.


The identity work included an update to the main logo. Previously they had to change the colours of parts of the logo depending on where it was being placed. This led to confusion and a complex set of logo files. This was redeveloped so they can have 1 logo that works across all uses. We developed the visual identity including a new colour palette, typography and image styles.


A new set of brand guidelines was produced to outline how to consistently present and use the identity and visual elements and build a consistent brand across all areas of the business and client touch points.

The result


The overall look of the new brand is striking and bold and uses a colour palette not typical in this industry which helps them stand out and communicate what they are about better rather than following an accepted cookie cutter style adopted by many in this sector. Everything has a  clear purpose to it and helps communicate their USP of "rethinking conventional, pushing the boundaries"


The feedback from members of the JUMPSEC team has been overwhelming. One staff member said 

"For the first time I’m proud of the JUMPSEC website and to promote it" 


This change in attitude across the business has been great for their brand awareness.

"It's a brand we can all get behind and fully embrace as a company and now feel able to easily communicate our expertise as thought leaders in the industry".

We continue to work as a trusted partner with JUMPSEC and as well as updating their current site to match the new brand, we have developed a brand new one as well as many supporting material and internal and external communications - all designed to 'push boundaries'. 


"Our new brand identify has JUMPSEC a new professional and modern look that we can translate across the whole company whilst maintaining the essence and look of the original identity. We are delighted with our rebrand."

Donna Stobart-Hook - Marketing Director

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