Guiding you through the storm within the tech sectors to deliver brands with personality and purpose


Your brand is defined by a customers overall perception of your business.


Branding is the process of shaping that perception and creating meaningful and memorable experiences

Our branding process:


Discover & differentiate

Here we outline the brand strategy and hold discovery sessions with you to BrandStorm your business and uncover and communicate the true values that matter.

Services within this section include:

  • Brand consultancy

  • Naming

  • Brand Story

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Mission, Vision and taglines

  • Ideal Clients

  • Brand personality matching

  • Defining your USPs

This is where your brand comes to life. We design your brands identity based on our deeper understanding of your business and design your marketing material with a consistent brand look, tone of voice and clear messaging. This includes:


Design that disrupts

Services within this section include:

  • Your unique logo design

  • Your wider brand identity - ie colours, fonts & graphic elements

  • Map your customer journey to design the brand experience

  • Branded content across all client touch points

  • Internal and external comms and literature


Our work is really never done as we build long lasting relationships with clients to ensure their brand evolves as they grow. However we will leave you with the tools to be able to build a successful brand and that starts with your people and teams.

Deliver & delight

Services within this section include:

  • Produce brand playbook / brand guidelines

  • Help with launching your new brand successfully

  • Ensuring your brand is understood, followed and endorsed by all team members from CEOs to admin staff so you can build a winning brand culture.

  • Ongoing support and consultancy


Let's BrandStorm your business and put this process into practice


No matter what stage your business is in, building a brand defines you within your market, keeps you ahead of your competitors and will sustainably grow your business. Whether you are an ambitious startup or an established business ready to take your business to new heights, we would love to sit down with you and discuss our ideas.


Our BrandStorm Workshops


Our branding workshops not only guide you through the fundamentals and actionable steps to building your brand but also gives insights into how big brands are using these same steps effectively.

Join us on either a 1-2-1 workshop with you and your key team or join one of our regular group sessions that deliver inspiration and great value.

A brand agency with delighted clients across Hampshire, Surrey and London


"Everyone at BrandStorm has an incredible eye for detail, they produce concept driven work which blew me away when I first looked at their portfolio.

Rob is very personable and was a joy to work with - They come highly recommended."

Richard Woods - WP Aid