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Why IRIS choose a creative agency like BrandStorm

IRIS rely on BrandStorm to deliver continuous design and helping to build their brands visual identity whilst meeting tight deadlines. 

​IRIS is the largest privately owned software supplier in the UK and work closely with BrandStorm to deliver creative services on a retainer basis. This means that not only does this help with our work scheduling but it also helps IRIS budget their marketing spend without having to worry about individual job costs.  From regular whitepapers and information booklets to web ads and overseeing one off marketing campaigns we are always on hand to deliver a job as and when they require it.

IRIS went through a huge rebrand exercise in early 2019 revolving around the theme “Look Forward”. Although we were not involved with the actual rebrand exercise which was handled mostly internally, we worked closely with IRIS to fully understand the new brand and helped shape the guidelines and overall brand identity as they continue to evolve it and has now been rolled out company wide and we continue to deliver on brand marketing content for IRIS on a regular basis.


"It is like having an extension of the team, they understand the brand and
the deadlines and can work with you to achieve results.

The flexibility working with BrandStorm brings means projects can be briefed in at any time and added to the pipeline or change priorities to meet deadlines"

Naomi Hamlin - IRIS

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