Rob's top Do's and Don't s to keep your brand on track.

When building your brand there is so much to think about and so many things that can be overlooked. Here Rob outlines his top things to look out for to avoid pitfalls many make:

Designing an iconic logo like Apple

DO: Discover who your ideal customer is...

We all think we have a pretty good idea of who are clients are but how many of us profile our clients to find out if they are 100% right for us. Think about those top clients you love working with. What do they look like, what industry do they work in? What makes them choose you? What makes them different from other clients?

What if you only had clients like these and more of them? How would that affect your business?

Once you get a good profile of your ideal client(s) you can focus your brand, messaging and marketing around these very people.

"If your brand is acceptable to everyone, it won't be interesting to anyone"

Mike Arauz

DON'T: Say it is everyone!...

When you start out it is easy to say we will work with anyone who will pay us and be less fussy who we work with. However when you continue to think in this way, you attract clients that will prey on your desperation and you end up working with more and more people that take up all your time and want it all for the cheapest price.

DO: Invest in your brand early on...

Building a brand is often thought of as something that big companies have to work on as they can afford to spend thousands if not millions to create a winning brand.

The truth is these well known brands have only become so well known and successful because they have had a strong brand from the beginning and continually work on building it.

It doesn't have to cost you thousands but spending some time effort and money on getting the right people to help you lay the foundations of a good brand early on, will not only give you better guidance as you grow and build it but will save you having to change everything down the line which can be even more costly.

DON'T: Pay £5 for a logo and call it your brand...

When you pay someone or a website a small amount in exchange for a logo file, that is all you will get - a logo - (and probably one someone else has got too).

A professional designer or branding agency will design your logo to reflect the key values of your business. They will also take into consideration colour choices that appeal to your ideal clients, the fonts that will create the right style for your brand, where the logo will be used and help you build up an identity that supports your logo.

DO: Take inspiration from other brands...

It is worth studying well known brands or leading brands in your industry sector. Someone once told me that "success leaves clues". Those that are successful are doing something others aren't and have been able to invest in the best minds to help them. Take a look and take inspiration from things they are doing.

"We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas"

Steve Jobs

DON'T: Rip them off...

Don't blatantly copy and hope no one will notice. They will and it will only discredit you. Take inspiration from them and work out ways to incorporate something similar in your brand or even how can you improve it.

DO: Create a brand slogan or tagline...

A good tagline can be as memorable, if not more so than your logo. It should sum up what your business is about in a few words.

Can you identify these famous brands just from their tagline:

Think Different

Every Little Helps

Just Do It

Because Your Worth It

I'm Lovin' It

When you use it consistently throughout your branding and marketing it becomes a clear message and memorable part of your brand.