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Robs top 3 predictions that brands should look out for in 2022

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

As we approach the end of the year and look towards 2022 I have been considering what top things I think we should be looking out for and perhaps adopting as part of our branding strategy next year. Here is my top 3 things that I think we will see more of.

1. Sustainability needs a new identity

With the huge threat form climate change, sustainability has unsurprisingly become a core focus for brands and in 2022 we will see another big surge in new eco brands being established as well as established brands adopting a sustainable first model and message.

Therefore, eco focussed brands will have to think past the classic natural hues and leafy or ocean imagery. Instead, they will have to define their brand with more personal or emotive messaging with a more conceptual and disruptive design. Just because it’s eco friendly doesn’t mean it has to look understated.

Eco brands that dare to be different will have a distinct advantage in brand longevity and less likely to blend into a sea of sameness.

Designing an iconic logo like Apple

2. The magic in the mundane

The pandemic prompted many to find solace in simple pleasures. Therefore it’s no surprise we’ll see brands and designers in 2022 channel the magic of the mundane and look towards those moments that brands create that we all take for granted.

IKEA have built their brand around this simple idea with their "wonderful everyday" tagline and highlight everyday household struggles and frustrations for which obviously they have the solution for.

This style of emotional messaging is already what consumers are looking for more and more. The real difference however in 2022 will be brands that can do this so well that they can potentially step away from selling he product or service benefits and features completely.

Take drill bits as an example. Marketers have always told us to sell the hole not the drill bit as that is the result we all want from it. However no one really just wants a hole. They may be putting up a shelf at home, so by focusing on those unique emotions of how that person feels once the shelf is up or even overcoming the fear or ruining the wall and putting off getting the job done is the emotive messaging brands will need to adopt to connect with audiences move forward.

Check out B&Qs "Later Means Never" advert from earlier this year that uses this style of messaging

3. Back to the future

As the world prepares for the ‘Metaverse’ from Facebook and a move to a truly digital universe, we will likely see brands adopting a futuristic minimal look and feel with bright blue and purple tones and digital shapes and patterns. Pantone even released their colour of the year to be a purple hue - 'Very Peri' which further hints toward this becoming the trend for 2022.

However 2021 saw a big rise in using retro fonts and 80s inspired patterns and designs. Take Burger King for example who went back to their roots with a paired back retro style re-brand.

The future is certainly going to look bright but we are likely to see contrasts between bright digital style modernism and back to basics retro and minimalism. Brands that can combine these 2 styles well will be the ones that stand out.

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About the author:

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