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At BrandStorm, we understand that brands that lead with purpose, no matter their size, foster deeper connections to their audiences who are all becoming increasingly conscious about the brands they work with or buy from,  brands that share their values and have the power to lead change.


Brand purpose therefore is the superpower behind all the great modern brands out there and why, as brand specialists, it as the driving force behind our 3 step brand strategy at BrandStorm agency. 


Our proven three step process turns your brand from a just another rainy day to a powerful storm that will deliver transformational results, give you the competitive edge and leave a lasting impression on your target audience. 


Prepare for the storm


This brand discovery phase dives deep into your brand foundations as we 'BrandStorm' your business to bring strategic alignment around purpose between you, your target audience and across your teams and employees.


Create a


In this second phase we design and develop the visual identity for your brand based on the strategic alignment to ensure it resonates with your target audience with visual appeal and deeper meaning and ready to make waves in your marketplace.


Take the world by storm


Launch your new and improved brand to the world and ensure you always display a consistent brand image with ongoing support. 

Let's BrandStorm


From start up founders to leaders of fast growth businesses, we help you take that first step to creating a positive and transformational impact on your business and address common issues we see business owners face including

  • Investing in marketing but not getting results

  • Generating lots of unqualified or low value leads 

  • Losing business to new competitors

  • Trouble attracting or retaining top talent

  • Embarrassed by your current quick fix logo and branding 

  • Or simply finding old strategies are no longer working

Book a free discovery call with Brand Specialist Rob to offer valuable insights on our 3 step process and to ascertain if we are the right fit for you and your business. 

Branding Specialist Rob Fryer
Branstorms 10 step guide to building a purpose driven brand

Download our FREE definitive guide to building a purpose driven brand


Find out how some of the biggest brands build awareness, trust, loyalty and advocacy to win the hearts and minds of their audience. 


Tech company rebrand project

Creating a brand renowned for innovation


We helped OverBright showcase their original values and become a brand renowned for innovation, creativity and service excellence, whilst also focusing on their people and building a thriving brand culture.

Denyer Automotive company rebrand

A rebrand to restore a classic


We helped Sammy Denyer, a renowned name in classic car restoration, build on his already established personal reputation to deliver a brand and visual identity to help him attract his dream clients - world renowned auction houses and private collections.


A rebrand built on strong values and culture


How we guided this local accountancy practice through the storm of a daunting rebrand and build a thriving values based brand culture.

Brand agency for tech sector

Building a world leading tech focused brand


Jankel Armouring Ltd rely on BrandStorm to help build and evolve into world leading brand that matches their industry leading capabilities and forward thinking approach.

UK start up branding package

Creating a community focussed brand


We love working with local SME and startup businesses that dare to be a bit different and want to make a real difference within their community. Hogmoor Homes is a business that we could not resist getting involved with.

A brand agency with delighted clients across Hampshire, Surrey and London

"...the quality of brand identity work at BrandStorm stood out..."


"We needed to update the JUMPSEC brand image to reflect our company vision and reposition the company as a disruptor in the cyber security industry.

We scoped a few of the top branding agencies and the quality of brand identity work at BrandStorm stood out. We were specifically looking for a local agency with whom we can build a relationship so they gain an understanding of our business. I felt BrandStorm delivered on this and translated our vision perfectly.

Donna S- Jumpsec

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