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Branding re-fresh
for Stack Technology

Our work with Stack Technology shows how refreshing your brand with small but strategic changes can help not only modernise it but make it more relevant to your target audience.


Stack Technology are an IT solution company providing bespoke cloud solutions to help teams work better together.

Like many of the technology based clients we start working with, they find themselves focusing on, well the technology and the features. Therefore you tend to find these companies all have a similar look an feel to them with generic images showing large servers, cloud illustrations or data streams. 


They weren't looking for a full rebrand but knew they needed to find a way to differentiate them selves. We sat down with them and offered some ideas and suggestions to give the brand an updated lease of life. These suggestions included:

  • Logo update - subtle tweaks to simplify overall and streamline it's uses.

  • Colour palettes - refresh current colour palette.

  • Typography - Better and consistent use of fonts

  • Brand imagery - created a mood board to show specific images and styles that would best compliment the brand.

  • Website - updates to website to showcase new image and graphic styles.

The biggest change we made was to switch the focus of the visual brand and the messaging from the technology aspect to the people aspect, as everything they do is all about making peoples lives easier and bringing people closer together. We carefully chose images of small teams collaborating using technology and then gave each image a consistent treatment with a monotone colour with a splash of the striking orange core brand colour. The A from the logo also became a useful and versatile graphic device we could use to strengthen the brand across the imagery.


We then helped them roll out the new brand consistently across all their marketing efforts and they now have a strong consistent brand that makes them stand out in a crowded market.




"We were going round in circles for months trying to make changes to our brand to make it stand out and look like the modern and innovative company we are.


After meeting Rob at an event he gave us some invaluable advice , a fresh perspective and provided some simple but very effective ideas to revamp the overall look of Stack Technology.


His input has been invaluable all focused around our core clients which has had a massive impact on improving how our brand communicates"


Abbey Robinson - Stack Technology

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