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How to build a purpose led brand

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

This January we have been talking all about Brand Purpose and how brands that lead with purpose have an easier time conveying their true meaning to their customers and ultimately benefit from quicker and more sustained growth.

Read on to see how we ensure brands lead with purpose?

1. What is Purpose Vision & Mission!

First up lets explain briefly what we mean by Purpose, Mission and Vision as often they are mistaken from being one of the same thing.

When most business owners try and explain their business to someone new they usually start with the easy thing first - WHAT they do and who they serve:

"We are a provider of x for y"

Then they may go onto say HOW they do it but sometimes this can not be so concise:

"We do x and y, oh and we also sometimes do z"

However many struggle to communicate really WHY they matter and often come up with some pretty generic phrases that we have all heard before and therefore does not give that unique advantage.

"We pride ourselves on the best quality"

"We have the widest range of z"

"We work with the best people around."

When brands start to communicate the other way around, they first explain truly WHY they're business exists and the difference they are trying to make, then HOW they are going to achieve it and only then will they explain WHAT they do to help them do it and Who they serve.

When you flip the conversation like this, brands have a canny ability to attract a following of raving fans that all relate to and buy in to that same purpose.

Why = Purpose

How = Vision

What you do = Mission

Simon Sinek's Ted talk explains the power when leaders Start With Why!...

2. Defining your Purpose

Purpose guides you:

It is that 1 reason your business exists or the difference you want it to make. This is beyond profit or money etc or even the products or services you offer.

It is that big WHY question that will unite your team internally and inspire employees to come to work and will also foster deeper connections to your audience to inspire them to buy form you.

You can create your purpose statement in 2 parts:

Part 1 - Your contribution

This is the contribution your brand seeks to make to the world around you. It could be real world problems or causes like tackling climate change or tackling specific issues within your sector such as fairer pay or diversity.

Then list some single word actions such as Connect, Discover, Collaborate, Inspire, Educate, Redefine etc. Use 2 or 3 appropriate ones to construct the first part of your statement along with the specific people and/or causes you wish to get behind.

"To discover the unique essence that inspires and differentiates each individual business".

Part 2 - The impact that contribution has.

This is the impact that your contribution to the world will have and how it may affect others or what it will allow others to become. List some statements of impact you wish to make to the world then choose the top 1 or 2 to add as to your purpose statement. Start your impact statement with something like::

"So that they become purpose driven, leading brands.

Designing an iconic logo like Apple

3. Defining your Vision & Mission

Vision Inspires you:

It is that longer term vision of what achieving your mission looks like for your business and clients. Organisations that set an agenda to achieve a certain goal is going to set itself apart and inspire others.

The vision needs to be big enough that both the challenge and possibility of achieving it are audacious and intimidating.

Mission drives you:

It backs up your purpose and serves as a long term roadmap to how you are going to accomplish your vision.

What was that winning idea or that spark that started the business in the first place. Then write 3 or 4 sentences that capture the key goals you initially set out to achieve.

Ask for input from staff or those around you that you trust and work out som key steps that will take your business from where it is now to achieving your vision. It should be something that everyone can buy into right away and start working towards.

Tesla Mission and Vision Statements
Tesla's vision statement clearly states their core end goal. Their mission statement clearly tells you how they intend to accomplish that goal

Starbucks Vision and Mission
Their vision statement is concise and inspiring. The mission reflects what the company seeks to do everyday to keep the vision on track

"The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit"

Richard Branson

Every year, consumers become more socially and environmentally aware than the one before it and their demands for positive change will only increase. Therefore purpose has become a growing necessity for most brands.

Are you looking to build your brand with purpose in 2022 or beyond?

Do you want a better chance of winning the hearts and minds of your customers?

Do you connect with your audience on an emotional level with a shared purpose?

We would love to help you discover or re-discover your WHY.

Contact us or find out about our workshops that will help you build the foundations of a winning brand

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About the author:

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