How to build a purpose led brand

This January we have been talking all about Brand Purpose and how brands that lead with purpose have an easier time conveying their true meaning to their customers and ultimately benefit from quicker and more sustained growth.

Read on to see how we ensure brands lead with purpose?

1. What is Purpose Vision & Mission!

First up lets explain briefly what we mean by Purpose, Mission and Vision as often they are mistaken from being one of the same thing.

When most business owners try and explain their business to someone new they usually start with the easy thing first - WHAT they do and who they serve:

"We are a provider of x for y"

Then they may go onto say HOW they do it but sometimes this can not be so concise:

"We do x and y, oh and we also sometimes do z"

However many struggle to communicate really WHY they matter and often come up with some pretty generic phrases that we have all heard before and therefore does not give that unique advantage.

"We pride ourselves on the best quality"

"We have the widest range of z"

"We work with the best people around."

When brands start to communicate the other way around, they first explain truly WHY they're business exists and the difference they are trying to make, then HOW they are going to achieve it and only then will they explain WHAT they do to help them do it and Who they serve.

When you flip the conversation like this, brands have a canny ability to attract a following of raving fans that all relate to and buy in to that same purpose.

Why = Purpose

How = Vision

What you do = Mission

Simon Sinek's Ted talk explains the power when leaders Start With Why!...

2. Defining your Purpose

Purpose guides you:

It is that 1 reason your business exists or the difference you want it to make. This is beyond profit or money etc or even the products or services you offer.

It is that big WHY question that will unite your team internally and inspire employees to